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With Levels

The Special ceilings company offers services in Professional design, design and installation of two-level and multi-level stretch ceilings of any complexity.

Why you need to order two-level stretch ceilings in Special ceilings:

  •  We use advanced profile systems, including our own design
  •  Extensive experience in the design, engineering and installation of two-level ceilings
  •  Brand catalog of author’s solutions 2019
  •  The best price for all types of two-level ceilings
  •  Own production of structures (we produce ready-made frames in the workshop with CNC precision)
  •  We send for approval a technical 2D layout + visualization in 3D Max
  •  Professional installation in 1 day

Two-level stretch ceilings are installed in:

Living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, studio apartments, country houses, office and retail premises, as well as any premises that combine several functional areas.