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Fabrick Colour

Stretch ceiling design options are pretty much unlimited.

You can choose your color, the finish, and the shape. Translucent ceilings are a brilliant choice if you want to light the ceiling from above. Printed ceilings can create a real impact on your home or business premises.

Browse some example options below but please contact us to explore more design options.

Colours and Finishes

We offer a very wide wide range of stretch ceiling colours and finishes. Here are just a few of the options available. Please contact us to discover the full range.
A reception area -modern interior


Gloss (or lacquer) ceilings are a popular choice for commercial premises such as showrooms, restaurants, swimming pools and bars. Gloss ceilings are great for making small rooms appear larger.

Satin & Matt

Matt is the most traditional finish and achieves a look comparable to a plastered ceiling. A satin finish adds a bit more gloss. Both matt and satin stretch ceilings are available in a range of pastel colours.