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The Special ceilings company offers services for the Professional design and installation of Lacquered stretch ceilings.

The advantages of lacquered stretch ceilings:

  • Perfectly flat surface
  • Large selection of colors, no painting required
  • Leakage protection – up to 100 l per m2
  • Fast and clean installation
  • Visually increase the space due to the mirrored surface
  • Compensates for the height of the ceiling, eliminates the squeezing effect
  • The ability to profitably zone the room
  • Retain the original color and do not dry out
  • No special maintenance required, can be washed
  • Low prices, huge selection, 25 years warranty

Most often, lacquered ceilings are installed in: Children’s rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, studio apartments, hallways and halls, bathrooms and toilets, office and retail premises, swimming pools.