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Starry Sky Ceilings

Real magic instead of the usual ceiling

Imagine that you are at home, and above your head, there is real space! Stars twinkle mesmerizingly, planets rotate gracefully, a comet flying by for a second distracts you from the galactic waltz, and now you are already watching a starfall. Is this not a dream? The magical realism and depth of the starry sky effect is achieved by our specialists thanks to the unique LED backlight mounting technology.

The ability to control the universe from home!

Do you want to change the dynamics or atmosphere of space events in your home? For example, add a little action or, on the contrary, plunge into calmness and serenity? The ceiling can be equipped with a remote control, a special audio system for an external device (player, computer, etc.), set up several light modes (the system is regulated using a programmable device) and much more.

Durable and reliable design

The starry sky is not only beauty and originality, at the same time, it is also an advanced high-tech design that is absolutely safe, durable and reliable. The average resource of LEDs is 50 thousand hours. In turn, the Special Ceiling company gives a 10-year guarantee for all component materials, 2 years for installation work and 1 year for lighting equipment.