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Single Level Ceilings

One-level stretch ceilings

The most common type of stretch ceilings is single-level. These are PVC ceilings, consisting of one sheet, which gives the room a finished look, creates a flat surface, protects you from the gulf of neighbors and hides communications. Most often our customers call them “simple” ceilings. Their popularity is due to their affordable price and good aesthetic and pragmatic qualities. Single-level stretch ceilings are suitable for all types of interiors without restrictions. Taking into account the specifics and purpose of the premises, special ceilings specialists will select the desired texture and color.

Why you need to order single-level stretch ceilings in special ceilings:

  • The most affordable price in the city for quality factory fabrics MSD, Renolit and Pongs
  • We use high-quality factory components and reinforced fastening systems FIRE. Promotions and specials offers
  • Professional German editing tool
  • Experience of installation technicians from 2 years

Matte single-level stretch ceilings

The matte stretch ceiling is the most popular among our clients. Contributes to the creation of a classic, seasoned interior. We offer 12 colors for this texture. Matte film is the easiest to care for. It is most often used in kitchens, living rooms and halls.

Glossy single-level stretch ceilings

A glossy stretch ceiling will add extra volume to the room due to its high reflectivity, expand the space of the hallway and bathrooms. Will add an interesting shine to the children’s room. Has the largest number of colors: 100 colors.

Satin single-level stretch ceilings

Satin stretch ceiling is the middle option between varnish and mat. Low reflectivity. Contributes to the creation of minimalism in the interior. There are 12 colors to choose from.

Special Ceilings company offers professional design, production and installation of single-level stretch ceilings.

Advantages of single-level stretch ceilings:

  • Suitable for any room, regardless of style and interior design
  • Moisture resistance – hold up to 100 l per m2
  • Quick installation – in a matter of hours
  • Partial and complete dismantling possible
  • No special maintenance required, can be washed
  • Affordable prices, 25-year warranty
  • Anti-static coating prevents dust from settling