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Photo Print Ceilings

Stretch ceilings with photo printing

Stretch ceilings with photo printing have become a separate trend in the art of decorating premises. Large-format photo printing on stretch ceilings allows you to create a unique atmosphere inside the premises, complement the main interior of the room, or, on the contrary, become the central idea that sets the tone in the design of the surrounding space. There can be a lot of graphics options for drawing on stretch ceilings – from all kinds of landscapes and reproductions of paintings by famous artists, to fairy-tale heroes, photographs of space, representatives of the animal and plant world and all kinds of abstraction. Modern photo printing on ceilings has an environmental class “A”. The image is applied to the canvas using the UV Print method. The ink does not contain lead and other harmful chemical elements.

The choice of texture for photo printing:

  • Gloss
  • Creates the impression that the image is behind a glass surface.
  • Mat and fabrics
  • Photo printing on such textures makes the image richer and adds depth.
  • Satin
  • Creates the impression of an image applied on a perfectly flat surface. We offer photo printing of the highest quality, therefore we recommend choosing the texture of the material based on the general concept of the room.

Fragment photo printing

Before looking for a good image for ceiling graphics, you must first outline the area to be filled. For example, if you are working with a long narrow space, you need to find an image that fits, in this case you need to use a panoramic image. Also, for example, you won’t print the
Sistine Chapel in a square room, because the Sistine Chapel is a large rectangle.

Photo printing terms and prices

We execute orders with photo printing on a stretch ceiling within 3-10 days after agreeing on the layout. The cost of photo printing directly depends on the area of ​​the canvas. The larger the area, the less the cost per square meter of photo printing. Prices for photo printing in our company vary from 55 to 60 pounds for one square meter photo printing.