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Led Perimetr Ceilings

Special ceilings company offers services in Professional design, production and installation of Perimetr Led stretch ceilings
The effect of a “floating” stretch ceiling will not leave anyone indifferent. When installing it, a special profile is used, which takes the stretch ceiling a short distance from the walls. The resulting niche is illuminated with an LED strip. Subject to the technology, thanks to the play of light and shadow along the entire perimeter, the stretch ceiling seems to float in space.

Benefits of soaring ceilings

  1.  Visual increase in space
  2.  Ultra-long service life and energy saving
  3.  Ability to highlight individual elements, areas and the entire perimeter
  4.  Ability to create a dynamic effect – “Traveling wave”
  5.  Effective illumination of expositions.

Profile system

  • We offer a wide range of profile systems and diffusers for integration into any design project.
  • Light filling and control
  • The required LED lighting is selected depending on the customer’s wishes and technical design features. For ease of use, we offer remote control panels, dimmers for adjusting the luminous flux power, wifi control through your smartphone, tablet and smart home system.
  • We provide a guarantee of up to 36 months for floating ceilings.
  • Service life – 50,000 hours (this is approximately 6 years of continuous operation).
  • We offer serviceable profile systems for self-replacement and lighting source without expert assistance.
  • We provide g arantiynoe and service throughout the entire period of operation.

Why do you need to chose Perimetr LED stretch ceilings in Special Ceilings

  • We use advanced systems of profiles and components
  • We work with certified high quality LED products
  • Warranty and service maintenance throughout the entire service life
  • We provide a range of services for the creation of modern design and lighting design
  • High-quality and reliable installation
  • A ready-made solution with a shadow gap of 2 cm from the wall, from which soft lighting flows, which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere in the interior
  • The main ceiling is retracted from the walls at a specified distance. The result is a niche with decorative lighting.