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Floating Lines Ceiling

Floating lines from Special Ceilings

Floating lines are a stylish and practical solution for interior decoration and lighting in it. To install the hovering line, a special profile is used, into which an LED backlight and a diffuser plug are embedded. The result is a spectacular matte light strip, both in the form of a straight line and in the form of a rectangle, a T-shaped structure, etc. The flowing light of soaring lines is a good alternative to universal lighting technology and can become the main or decorative element of stretch ceiling lighting.
Special Ceiling company offers professional design, production and installation of stretch ceilings with Floating lighting of any complexity.

  • Why you need to close ceilings with linear lighting in Special Ceilings
  • We use advanced systems of profiles and components
  • We work with certified high quality LED products
  • Own production of linear luminaires of any shape and size
  • Warranty and service maintenance throughout the entire service life
  • We provide a range of services for the creation of modern design and lighting design
  • High-quality and reliable installation
  • Experience of installation technicians from 3 years

Benefits of linear lighting

  • Stylish and effective interior design.
  • Extra long service life (more than 50,000 hours).
  • Can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling.
  • Any width and shape of lines.
  • Effective illumination of exposures and zones.
  • Visual increase in the height and and dimensions of the room.
  • The ability to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp.

Technical features

Profile system
We offer a wide range of profile systems for integration into any design projects.

Light filling and control
The required LED lighting is selected depending on the customer’s wishes and technical design features. For ease of use, we offer remote control panels, dimmers for adjusting the luminous flux power, wifi control through your smartphone, tablet and smart home system.

Each screen has its own technical features and the degree of light transmission. Special Ceilings specialists will select the required screen for each project. Service life – 50,000 hours (this is approximately 6 years of continuous operation).
We offer serviceable profile systems for self-replacement of the light source without the help of experts.