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3D Ceilings

The Special Cilings offers services for the design, production and installation of stretch ceilings with 3D photo printing of any complexity.

3D Ceilings

This is new way to decorate your ceiling

3D ceiling usually consists of 2-3 levels. The first part of the composition is applied to the upper level of the stretch ceiling, and the rest are applied to the next, completely transparent ones. Due to the fact that the layers are at a certain distance, an original 3D effect is obtained.

“3D art rooms” is an artistic combination of a drawing on the wall with a drawing on the ceiling.

  • Why you need to order stretch ceilings with photo printing in Special Ceilings?
  • We use professional Japanese equipment
  • We print with environmentally friendly and safe UV-Print
  • We approach each project creatively. We offer interesting solutions
  • Designer services – the ability to edit and add image effects
  • Photobank with more than 150,000,000 images for every taste