The desire to be closer to nature is inherent in many modern people. They want to hear the noise of the forest, the murmur of a brook, they really want to wake up and see the delightful starry sky. Previously, this dream would have remained unfulfilled. Nowadays, it has become much easier to bring it to life. It is enough to plan the repair, during which the ceiling structure is radically changed. For this, a  stretch ceiling is used on which the starry sky is simulated to amazing accuracy. In specialized trading establishments, you can find several options for stellar stretch ceilings, on the surface of which single stars are placed, as well as whole constellations. Stretch ceiling starry sky looks amazing. It is simply impossible to walk past the showroom with samples. Romance rolls over adults, children are just delighted!

Features of the stretch ceiling “Starry sky”

A stretch ceiling depicting a starry sky differs significantly from other types of stretch canvases. It provides for a clever system, which necessarily includes:

  • optical fiber
  • special projector
  • light generator

The light generator is fixed on the ceiling, then hiding with a stretch fabric. It is this device that provides the radiance of the starry sky of stretch ceilings. Modern technologies never cease to amaze even the most sophisticated consumer. The brightness of the glow can be adjusted by the owner of the living space. If exclusivity is desired, then amazing Swarovski crystals are interspersed into the canvas. This original splash gives a real chic to the sparkling ceiling space.

Light optical fiber characteristics

Light optical fiber, which is an indispensable part of a stretch ceiling structure, has a number of important characteristics. It provides imitation of stars in the night sky and guarantees the safety of the entire structure. Light optical fiber has the following properties:

  • low thermal conductivity
  • insignificant power consumption
  • fire and electrical safety
  • moisture resistance
  • silent work

LED light generators can be polychrome and monochromatic. The owner of the living space is guided by himself, he wants to have a  stretch ceiling , on which the stars sparkle in one mode, or the sky, on which the color gradually changes over time. In any case, the stellar stretch ceiling will become the very highlight of the interior, which was so lacking. The price of a stretch ceiling starry sky is quite acceptable. Editing will not hit the budget too much. Therefore, there are always many who wish to order such a ceiling structure. Contact professionals. Experienced performers will be able to appreciate the architectural features of the premises, the existing style of the interior, and will make all your wishes come true!

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