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Betefits of Strech Ceiling


Stretch ceiling are easier and quicker to assemble than any other ceiling system. Installation only takes a few hours and there is no need to move any furniture– the process is clean and there is no potential for damage


Materials used for our stretch ceilings are non-flammable, non-seismic, and do not contain any toxic components.Stretch ceilings are odorless, and hypoallergenic which is why they are the ultimate choice forclean-rooms, hospitals, and nurseries.


Stretch ceilings are 100% recyclable and they can be installed and deconstructed without gloves, masks or other protective equipment – we care about the health of both: the clients and the ceiling professionals.

Sound and heat insulation

Our stretch ceilings provide additional sound and heat insulation.Stretch ceilings can do this because they are installed with an air gap between the main and the stretched ceilings, which does the magic.

Water resistance

Stretch ceilings are hydrophobic and mildew resistant. Our stretch ceilings can contain a 100 l of water per square meter in case your pipes or roof starts leaking, which means your property will not be damaged at all.


Stretch ceilings is a cost effective solution as they are cheap to install and maintain. Our stretch ceilingsconceal defects of existing ceilings (stains, cracks, irregularities, etc.), so you do not have to spend money onexpensive refurbishment.


No maintenance is required as our stretch ceilings do not deform and preserve their color. As time passes by, Stretch ceilings still look like new because they are covered with an anti-static coating and no dust will stick to Stretch ceilings.


Stretch ceilings serve for a lifetime and there is no need for periodic plastering of ceiling cracks, because our stretch ceilings never crack.


Water and a microfiber cloth is enough to clean Sretch ceilings from any type of dirt, however it got there.


If you wish to redesign your rooms and have Stretch ceilings already installed, it is a quick and cheap job to do, as profiles holding the ceilings are already installed. Color and texture of Stretch ceilings can be instantly changed depending on your preferences.